Mobile Access Management (MAM)

Intelligently Connected for seamless corporate use of your mobile devices

Portability, mobility, reliability & transferability – these are the qualities that more and more business professionals rely on when it comes to working smart. The era of the wireless office – and even industrial shop floor – is here.

What wireless mobile strategy aligns best with your business goals? Do you foster a “bring your own device” environment – and if so, what limitations do you put on not just the type of device, but on security and the compartmentalization of its contents?

Before opening your enterprise up to the risks of a wild west “anything goes” situation, allow us to come up with the right strategy that will free up your business resources while guaranteeing your peace of mind with Mobile Devices under a Managed Service approach.

We will make sure all of your people’s devices are properly configured to optimize their productivity while protecting your assets. There are two key advantages in adopting a mobile access strategy. First, managed mobility will be a boon to productivity with providing ease of access. Two, there are important cost savings, especially if adopt a Bring Your Own Device approach.

We will devise a MAM plan that dovetails seamlessly with our Access Management (AM) and Infrastructure Management (IM) products.

Worries about security fade away given our robust IM solutions that we have adapted for this important sector of activity.

Professionalism: the Datavalet hallmark

Why entrust your Mobile Access Management to us? The breadth of our experience and the depth of our expertise allow us to deliver truly comprehensive professional service.

Our specialists will consult with you to devise a MAM plan that is tailored to your needs, helping you define solid mobile usage policies and procedures.

We built our business to be able to analyze, propose, install and manage customized wireless solutions that align with your business objectives. Our investment in research and development attracts professionals who are committed to continuous improvement with an eye on where you will need to be tomorrow and beyond. Our management philosophy guarantees that all of our specialists share a common goal – to provide you with the very best wireless experience on the market.

We take care of device management – including secure and efficient Bring Your Own Device programs – application management, telecom and data management and compliance management.

MAM Service Components

Mobility Strategy Aligning and configuring devices with your business goals
Surveillance/monitoring Secure and trouble-free use of managed devices
Incident Management Root cause analysis
Asset management
BYOD Providing continuity and consistency through your business
Business continuity Allow us to manage your operational activities including change requests to ensure your business proceeds uninterrupted
Vendor agnostic supported devices Support for the broadest range of mobile business devices
Network Setup We manage your mobile network from A to Z

Datavalet MDM as a Managed Service

Technology Components Device Management
App Management
Content Management
Compliance Management
Telecom Expense Management
Service Components Implementation Services
Operational Services
Professional Services