Infrastructure Management (IM)

Intelligently Connected for healthy and secure managed networks

Today, providing secure and efficient wireless access is a vital component of any effective network management strategy, no matter the size of your business or institution. We all know that Wi-Fi threats exist and are increasingly sophisticated. We also know that productive communication can only take place when people feel safe.

Our Infrastructure Management (IM) offers a range of options for consistently healthy and secure networks, whether you choose our IM Monitor or IM Control offerings

Choose from an array of service modules that are right for your needs: scalable surveillance services, reliable and rapidly deployed field services and state of the art enhanced services. Our dedicated teams take the worry out of monitoring and controlling your network, freeing resources internally and mitigating the cost of expensive training and upkeep.

When incidents arise, timely and complete resolutions mitigate against potential lost productivity. Full reporting and detailed analyses allow you to stay on track in adhering to wireless best practices to protect your business and keep aligned with your objectives.

Professionalism: the Datavalet hallmark

What sets us apart from other wireless network management providers? The breadth of our experience and the depth of our expertise allow us to deliver truly comprehensive professional service.

We bring to the table both the service aspect as well as the in-house development of applications that help optimize the quality and flexibility of the service.

When it comes to wireless infrastructure management, our specialists are dedicated to ensuring the optimal functioning of all your wireless communications at all times.

We built our business to be able to analyze, propose, install and manage customized wireless solutions that align with your business objectives. Our investment in research and development attracts professionals who are committed to continuous improvement with an eye on where you will need to be tomorrow and beyond. Our management philosophy guarantees that all of our specialists share a common goal – to provide you with the very best wireless experience on the market.

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) & Field Dispatch

We work round the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. To ensure that our dedicated Network Operations Center allows us to monitor, control and support your networks seamlessly and efficiently, we invest considerable resources in research and development. The work of continually improving our offering rests, in part, in the proprietary middleware applications that our professionals develop and refine. Our field services, with certified suppliers throughout North America, are able to execute onsite repairs rapidly and efficiently.

Whether for single or multiple locations we can accommodate a wide variety of network types as well as vendor licensing and hosting arrangements. Our IM services are available for standard vendor equipment and can accommodate non-common equipment through our on-boarding certification process. We manage controllers, access points, sensors, switches and the full range of the Wi-Fi infrastructure devices.

Invite us to design a management infrastructure from scratch or have us analyze your current situation and recommend and manage the appropriate upgrades or retrofits. 

We provide 3rd party system integration, have dependable 24/7 end-user support through our Help Desk and an intuitive administrative interface – DATAVIEW that allows you to monitor the health and functionality of your network at anytime. 

Professional Services

Custom Development: wireless management services tailored to your needs
Project Management: comprehensive management offerings ranging from monitoring, surveillance and ticketing through event and change management

IM Monitor (24/7 Surveillance including)

Asset Tracking Inventory management of managed devices
Device mapping of physical assets across locations
Data continuity of historical logs over
Event Management with Notifications Network surveillance
Change Management Software configuration or reconfiguration
Change or addition of new devices
Reporting Regular inventory reports
Detailed incident reports

IM Control

Go beyond monitoring your security and get the peace of mind of active response and control.

  • Net Monitor+
  • + Remote Troubleshooting & Resolution including:
Incident Management Ticket generation, isolation, prioritization & troubleshooting
Problem management with root cause analysis
Vendor Management Allow us to manage the relationship with your OEMs or vendors

Optional access to Field Services

Field Dispatch Deployed when remote resolution not possible
Certified technicians and specialists
Constant communication with our NOC
Customizable Service Levels
Spare Management Extensive network of secure storage facilities
Inventory based on accurate asset tracking
Warranty and Licence Management Management of your network licence requirement
ISP Management Management of ISP relations and Internet line issues

Optional access to Enhanced Services

Wireless Security Provides a comprehensive Wireless Intrusion Detection System and Wireless Intrusion Prevention System to protect against unauthorized wireless routers, infrastructure threats and client intrusion events
Security Related Incident Management Round the clock monitoring and analysis of security events and appropriate intervention
Implementation of appropriate changes as determined by Datavalet with you from configuration modifications to firmware upgrades
Detailed reporting and delineation of events
Spectrum Management Reporting and analysis of interference and remedial actions recommended.

DATAVIEW Administrative Interface

  • Intuitive dashboard for accurate monitoring and reporting of network activity
  • Controlled access authorization
  • Notification alerts and customizable activity logs
  • Allows for intelligent management of your wireless networks