Business Intelligence (B’IQ)

Intelligently Connected for actionable qualified data

The revolution in wireless communications tied with the ubiquity of mobile devices is unlocking reams of useful and marketable intelligence. You know that reams of data flow through your wireless network. Until recently accessing and analyzing the data to make it intelligible was simply prohibitively expensive. No longer. Our Business Intelligence platform will unlock actionable intelligence – information that is “qualified” – distilled to better define your customers and align your business with greater accuracy.

Welcome to our Business Intelligence platform (B’IQ)

If knowledge is power, B’IQ is the ignition.

Qualifying intelligence, interpreting data in a way that is meaningful and builds market capabilities, can make the critical difference in achieving your goals where market intelligence drives competition.

What sets us apart from other providers that claim to offer business intelligence? The breadth of our experience and the depth of our expertise allow us to deliver truly comprehensive professional services. By entrusting your guest access and infrastructure management to us, you can be assured of the quality of the data being analyzed. After all, if the basic numbers aren’t right, how useful is the analysis? With us, you have an all encompassing solution.

We built our business to be able to analyze, propose, install and manage customized wireless solutions that align with your business objectives with real value added. Our investment in research and development has brought to us being able to provide an affordable Business Intelligence offering that is a natural outgrowth of our product line. Our management philosophy guarantees that all of our specialists share a common goal – to help you realize your full potential with solutions customized for you.

We use the Wi-Fi data we track to hone in on consumer behaviours so that your marketing can be finely tuned and accurately targeted.

With B’IQ you can truly enhance the in-store shopping experience, measure and adjust your offering based on solid data and plan more effectively with real usage aware metrics.

B’IQ is supported with same highly skilled 24/7 customer service year in and year out and, of course, we are vendor agnostic.

B’IQ is a “must have” for “go-to-market-intelligence”, no matter what your size, from retail boutiques and quick service restaurants through big box stores to shopping centres and convention centres. 

Presence Aware allows you to track the effectiveness of promotions, advertising, displays by tracking metrics store visits, repeat visits, frequency and dwell times. These are rich sources for comparative analysis and are as important for small retail as they are for Big Box stores.

Usage Aware metrics provide detailed profiles of consumer behaviour, including online behaviour critical in tailoring your offer to market segments.

With B’IQ your business intelligence is amplified, qualifying you to get a head start on the competition.