Access Management (AM)

Intelligently Connected for optimal connectivity for your users

Access management is in constant flux, meeting the expectations of everyone, everywhere.

They are in convention centres, shopping malls and retail stores, in travel venues and public transportation hubs. They are students on college and university campuses, clients at a bank or financial institution, citizens in a government office and they are patients, families and staff in hospitals and other clinical settings. Increasingly, they are professionals and employees on commercial and industrial campuses – whether in an office tower, suburban mall or a vast manufacturing site. They use an ever-expanding array of mobile devices under a dizzying mix of service provider plans. 

What all these people have in common is a desire for optimal connectivity.

Whether you wish to provide them self-serve Internet access as a free courtesy or offer enhanced paid access to premium speed, bandwidth and enhanced security, our professionals will propose the right managed service portfolio for your specific needs.

For professionally managed wireless connectivity, anytime, anywhere, we are your sole destination.

We are experts in the design, installation and management of scalable, seamless and vendor agnostic turnkey wireless environments that ensure your visitors have constant access to quality connectivity

Professionalism: the Datavalet hallmark

What sets us apart from other wireless network management providers? The breadth of our experience and the depth of our expertise allow us to deliver truly comprehensive professional service. We bring to the table both the service aspect as well as the in-house development of applications that help optimize the quality and flexibility of the service.

From wireless network design, configuration and installation, through onsite training to round the clock process management and support systems and rapidly deployed field services, our specialists are dedicated to ensuring the optimal functioning of all your wireless communications at all times.

We built our business to be able to analyze, propose, install, upgrade and manage customized wireless solutions that align with your business objectives. We can deliver on that promise because we are vendor agnostic.

Our investment in research and development attracts professionals who are committed to continuous improvement with an eye on where you will need to be tomorrow and beyond. Our management philosophy guarantees that all of us share a common goal – to provide you with the very best wireless experience on the market, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Customized AM Wireless Services

For nearly two decades, we have worked in lockstep with our customers. Back in the mists of time, we made sure our clients offered guests reliable access to secure and affordable Ethernet connections. With the evolution to wireless communication, we were there to provide exactly the right range of wireless experiences. Our specialists are committed to enabling you to offer your customers/guests/end-users the service they expect at price points that make sense. We provide 3rd party system integration, have dependable 24/7 end-user support through our Help Desk and an intuitive administrative interface – DATAVIEW that allows you to monitor the health and functionality of your network at anytime, as well as collect valuable usage information through our flexible reporting.

Professional Services

Custom Development Portals, landing pages, user portals aligned with your brand
Project Management Comprehensive management offerings
Network Design Solutions configured for seamless integration and ease of operation

Call us for a consultation and allow us to guide you to the right mix with built-in scalability for your future growth.

Datavalet Captive Portal features

Authentication Tailor your offering with different authentication types, log-on modes, payment methods and packages
Zone management Establish virtual segmentation (zones) of your venue with specific attributes and experiences associated to each zone
Roaming Manage how and where guests/users access connectivity as they move throughout your venue. For example: privileged access for certain categories of users combined with all access for the general public
Custom portal Promote your brand and accomplish your desired user scenario through fully a customizable portal
MAP Target valuable audience segments with multifaceted campaigns through banner ads and custom content

Datavalet Session Management

Content filtering Determine what people can access on the web
Bandwidth management Control costs and ensure optimal connectivity by effectively managing bandwidth speed and data capacity. For example: Provide premium services to designated categories of users (based on payment or other designations)
Line aggregation Sinstantly increase throughput and create redundancy of your internet connectivity
P2P blocking Prevent illegal content from being downloaded or streamed

Dataview Administrative Interface

  • Intuitive dashboard for accurate monitoring and reporting of network activity
  • Controlled access authorization
  • Notification alerts and customizable activity logs
  • Allows for intelligent management of your wireless networks

Support Services & Help Desk

  • 24/7/365 customer support
  • Install/fix/break provided by Datavalet specialists and certified field service agents
  • 24/7/365 HELP DESK for guests/end-users