Tim Hortons – Access Management for the Retail Market

Tim Hortons – Access Management for the Retail Market

The ask

Tim Horton’s, the iconic restaurant and coffee chain, turned to us to provide customized AM across North America.

In a highly competitive market where access to quality Wi-Fi can determine consumer traffic, the issue was vitally important. What could we do to make Tim Hortons run ahead of the pack?

The answer

  • Provide high quality Wi-Fi to all customers through our completely managed turn-key service with a customized and branded portal
  • Enhance the “stickiness” of the brand with higher bandwidth and richer content for customers who sign in with their email address
  • Dataview analysis for tracking network usage

Consumers are offered the incentive of logging in with a valid email (they only have to do that once) for unlimited high bandwidth access. In doing that, they receive specific content designed to build brand loyalty. Consumers can also tailor the landing page to include their favourite news/content feeds.

Of course our user help desk is ready to assist them 24/7 all year long.

The result

Since 2011, Tim Horton's has experienced significant business growth with the Wi-Fi strategy being an important component in building consumer loyalty.