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While it may be the bane of some university and college professors, wireless communications is a “must have” on educational campuses these days – and we can even help you plan where it is available and where it isn’t.

Our extensive experience serving and developing products for the hospitality market gives us the expertise to efficiently serve student residences as well as range of campus common areas, like student unions, athletics centers, cafeterias, etc.

The era of E-learning is into its umpteenth generation – secure, reliable and affordable wireless communications are an essential teaching and learning tool and increasingly a vital component for academic administration and management, too. 

Whether you are in existing establishment or planning a new one, have a centralized campus or are spread out across town, we work with you to understand your requirements and gauge your objectives to design, install and manage your wireless networks. Since we are vendor agnostic, we have the flexibility of accommodating existing infrastructure or providing cost-effective upgrades or refits.

Some of our education customers

We are the proud alumni of these institutions that have recognized our expertise in designing, installing and managing complex wireless environments at attractive price points.

Vancouver Community College

Varcity 515

Access Management (AM)

Our Access Management allows you to choose precisely how and where people connect with our Captive Portal features. Divide your establishment into discreet zones or hot spots, tailor and target types of services as you see fit and manage bandwidth and usage. Offer free access for all, preferred access for some. Ensure your brand is prominently displayed. Protect your brand, your staff and your students, from potentially damaging content. Push information to improve targeted stakeholder experience. Better understand the needs of students, faculty, visitors and your staff.

Most importantly, allow us to manage your wireless networks 24/7/365 backed by professionally staffed customer support with our Session Management and a help desk that your visitors will find actually helpful in the rare case of they need to contact us.

With DATAVIEW, keep on top of your network’s performance and collect valuable usage information through our flexible reporting. 

Infrastructure Management (IM)

Academic settings are prone to a whole range of threats – you owe it to all your stakeholders to provide a reliable, efficient and secure communications environment.

Our Infrastructure Management ensures the health and security of your networks.

Choose from an array of service modules that are right for your needs: scalable surveillance services, reliable and rapidly deployed field services and state of the art enhanced services. Our dedicated teams take the worry out of monitoring and controlling your network, freeing resources internally and mitigating the cost of expensive training and upkeep. IM Monitor meticulously tracks threats and malfunctions on your network. IM Control offers additional peace of mind with a comprehensive range of management and remediation features including our Network Operations Center that is professionally staffed 24/7/365 and our Field Dispatch service.

Mobile Access Management (MAM)

Want to provide your staff with secure and reliable mobile connectivity? Then entrust the management of your institution’s mobile devices to our Mobile Access Management. We are vendor agnostic and have extensive experience that allows us to tailor a plan that works for you and your people. Increasingly companies are turning to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) options. While they do provide cost savings, they can also be a nightmare if not properly managed. Whether you have 10 or 10,000 people working for you, we have solutions that work and that keep you and your people on track.

Business Intelligence (B’IQ)

If knowledge is power, then it only makes sense to tap into the data that flows through your network and turn it into actionable intelligence. B’IQ does just that. With Presence Aware track the effectiveness of your communications, target them more accurately and promote your institution’s goals in ways guaranteed to reach your audience. With Usage Aware tap into powerful guest behaviour metrics to ensure that you have a better reading of all of your stakeholders.