Who We Are

Our mission

Deliver high quality managed services and solutions to our customers by providing them with guidance based on an innovative approach to network management and data insights.

Our values


  • We harness knowledge to help our customers achieve their business goals
  • We embrace change and challenge the status quo
  • We believe in the power of ideas


  • We nurture a work environment built on trust and mutual respect
  • We are committed to cultivate long-lasting relationships
  • We adhere to industry best practices


  • We partner with our customers to anticipate their needs
  • We believe in sharing our skills and expertise
  • We value the diversity of our people and their individual strengths

Our story

Intelligently connected

We created Datavalet almost two decades ago to meet a pressing need in the hospitality market. Our mission was to simplify connectivity for our clients’ customers and guests. We wanted to simplify a complex process and provide reliable, convenient and secure products and services that the public demanded and, rightfully, expected.

Over time, we have honed our expertise and expanded our scope several fold.

We have become leaders in designing, installing and managing customizable wireless environments that scale and adapt seamlessly to your changing needs, platforms and the expectations of your end-users.

We now provide comprehensive and customized services tailored for banking and financial institutions, travel, transport and hospitality venues, retail stores and centres, corporate, government and health care clients and institutions of higher learning.

Our promise remains constant: to ensure optimal connectivity.

Our underlying commitment is unchanged. Datavalet management and service offerings are designed to align with your business goals and are reinforced with true 24/7, highly skilled and dedicated customer support.

How do we do that?  Through close collaboration, intelligent innovation and steadfast integrity.

What began by developing wholly reliable and customized Access Management services has evolved to include a comprehensive and sophisticated array of Infrastructure Management (IM) and Mobile Access Management (MAM) products.

As we invest in ongoing research and development to stay on the cusp of wireless technologies as engines for growth, we are poised to harness your data to provide you with actionable market intelligence with our Business Intelligence (B’IQ) Platform.

Our story is simple, really.

Datavalet – we are driven to ensure that you are always intelligently connected.