Our products

Access Management (AM)

Intelligently Connected for optimal connectivity for your users.

Infrastructure Management (IM)

Intelligently Connected for healthy and secure managed networks.

Mobile Access Management (MAM)

Intelligently Connected for seamless corporate use of your mobile devices.

Business Intelligence (B’IQ)

Intelligently Connected for actionable qualified data.

Our markets

Datavalet leader in wireless network management serving a broad spectrum of industries and institutions.

In numbers

25,000 managed nodes

9,000 customer locations

120,000,000 user sessions annually

Case studies

Air Canada came to us looking for a comprehensive and tiered package for their customers at their award-winning Maple Leaf lounges at 13 airports.
What to do with the downtime of staff in transit? When work is so dependent on wireless connectivity, Cascades wanted to provide reliable and secure Wi-Fi access on its buses at an affordable price.
The iconic Canadian restaurant and coffee chain, turned to us to provide customized AM across the North America in Thousands of locations.